Summer Hours 

 Tuesday, 10 TO 1

Thursday, 10 TO 1

& Saturday 10 TO 1  

BUT We Service Hot tubs 6 days a week.


800-223-1240   or    740-432-4818

Buddy Brill    co-owner

 Donna Bril    co-ownerl 

We have All Board Certified Hot Tub Technicians that can repair any hot tub

We ONLY sell and service Hot Tubs and Swim Spa 

And because of that 

all of our Pool supplies are 50% off

and Pool Chemicals are 50% off

while supplies last

We now have a brand new swim spa right in front of your store on display.

Who needs a Swimming pool when you can have a Swim Spa and use it year around.

 With a Swim Spa you can swim, play, and exercise at home any time.

It offers you both a hot tubs and swimming pool.  

Some  good health benefits like exercise for strong and healthy life.  

plus increased flexibility and blood circulation, leading to healthy muscles, joints and heart. 

Plus the leisure and fun is what I like about swim spas.

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