Buddy Brill & Donna Brill Co-owner



Buddy & his wife Donna have  been here  East of Cambridge Ohio on US 22 near Salt Fork State Park for 40  yrs. We always have Hot Tubs on display. Donna, a renown artist, has her Art work also display.

        Buddy has repaired, delivered, and sold thousands of New and Used Hot Tubs in the last 42 years. He can repair just about any hot tub thats out there . About 90% of the time Buddy can fix a Hot Tub with the parts he keeps on the truck.

        If you are a do-it-yourself type of repair person, thats GREAT we love helping you. If your having trouble finding a part call or email me. You can send a picture of the part and we will help you fine it.


We only sell and service the

following Hot tubs brands

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  OPEN    MON, TUE, THU, FRI 10 TO 5  

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  Closed  WED,  SUN

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Buddy showing  topside controllers                        on a Great lakes Hot Tub

Nordic hot tubs       (on display now)

PDC hot tubs          (on display now)

Passion hot tubs      (on display now)

Strong hot tubs       (on display now)

Emerald & Great Lakes hot tubs  ---  parts only

The Crew has been working on getting some pre own hot tubs all reconditined and ready to go Check the out under “Used Tubs”

You have to check out the new Strong spas we have on display. They have a life time warranty hard cover, some have 100 jets, Stereo systems, water falls, lights in all the jets.

You can do your home work on line and have all your questions answered. Find out pricing and all the options that each of their 3 product lines have to offer. Just go to www.StrongSpas.com

Yes you can purchase a Strong Hot tub from the factory and have it delivered to your door, but i can guarantee you we will always give you a better deal.

Strong Spas.com


Your Showroom (located near Cambridge Ohio on US22) is over flowing. Now is a great time to look at our large selection of hot tubs.

The 2016 Moonlite Swim & Spa Crew

Eugene Stage left, Riley Bardall top, and Buddy right

We deliver all our Hot tubs with a Bob Cat on a trailer. Also new for 2016 is new uniforms